Environmental compliance of articles: 107 substances studied for the period 2018-2020

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The exchange of information on the environmental compliance of articles is one of the limiting points of the REACh & RoHS management process.
The actors of the Supply Chain are very diversified and the information on the substances present in the articles is very complex.
There is, therefore, an increasing need to adopt the use of standard information exchange formats.

For these reasons, the IPC-1752A format was created to manage material declarations in the industrial sector. A new IPC-1754 format dedicated to the aeronautics and defense sector is being developed: www.iaeg.com/chemicalrpt/exchange

BASSETTI DATA PROVIDER is part of the definition committee for this standard, which should be activated at the end of 2017.

The DATA PROVIDER platform is compatible with these 2 formats and allows us to provide your PLM with the environmental compliance data of your articles.

ECHA, the European Chemicals Agency, has proposed to include 107 substances in its evaluation plan by the Member States for the period 2018-2020: 26 substances in 2018, 37 in 2019 and 44 substances in 2020 will be studied to clearly identify their uses and exposure scenarios.

The objective of these studies is to obtain more information on these suspected dangerous substances, in order to define their risk levels and possible measures to be put in place.

The CoRAP (Community Rolling Action Plan), the plan organizing the actions taken by the Member States’ Committee, will be published in its final version in March 2018.

Identify your hazardous substances and anticipate changes in these regulations!

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