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24 February 2020

Webinar: Chemical Risk: optimize the use of SDS data

In its 6th "Reach En Force" assessment, ECHA inspected more than 3391 SDSs of chemicals across 29 Member States. Their conclusion shows that about half of them showed deficiencies in…
12 February 2019

When the blockchain is put at the service of responsible mineral supply management

Ford Motor Company, Huayou Cobalt, IBM, LG Chem, and RCS Global will test blockchain technology to ensure that the minerals and by-products used in their manufacturing processes do not contribute…
8 February 2019

Moving towards a restriction on the use of microplastics

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) continues its commitment to the fight against microplastics by submitting a proposal for a restriction on intentionally added microplastic particles in mixtures used by consumers…

"The challenge is to comply with regulations, in particular RoHS compliance and Article 33 of Reach, which imposes information rules concerning the presence of substances of concern in products on the market. To answer this question, the group has set up an approach implemented on the group at a global level [...] Despite the complexity of the subject, we have reached a good level of maturity. One of the challenges is the diversity of approaches and skill levels. We verify the quality of the data collected by sampling and confidence level. Internally, we have established about fifteen acceptance criteria, with the aim of improving the quality of deliverables."

SCHNEIDER ELECTRIChas chosen BASSETTI DATA PROVIDER to provide material declarations

The reason for our choice for BASSETTI is first of all historical, because we had tried to work on similar issues some time ago. Other criteria motivated our choice, notably BASSETTI's expertise and the team's involvement in the project. In addition, it is difficult to find a partner who masters technical subjects and is able to adapt to contexts and needs, as BASSETTI does. We felt that in front of us, we had people capable of bringing real added value to our future customers.

Michel CRUZ, Trainer, CTDECCTDEC has chosen the Content Database to generate its technical data

Collection and update of environmental data

Collection and update of your environmental data – MSDS, REACh/RoHS compliance

Bassetti Data Provider offers services for the collection and management of regulatory and environmental data accessible in SaaS mode