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We offer supplier data collection services, regulatory and technical repositories. Our SaaS solutions allow you to manage:

Environmental compliance (REACh and RoHS)

The selection of materials for your industrial applications

Your conflict minerals program

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Outsource the collection and management of your regulatory and technical environmental data

Based on the fact that your engineers spend a lot of time researching and integrating environmental, regulatory, or technical data to the detriment of higher value-added tasks; BASSETTI Data Provider was created to allow them to refocus on their core business by providing you with exhaustive, reliable, and quality data.


Environmental compliance

Support for the REACh RoHS compliance of products

Safety Data Sheets

Collection and updating of safety data sheets

Technical content

Material database for product management

Conflict minerals

Risk management in the supply chains of regulated minerals

Our expertise: Collect, transpose and enhance technical data on industrial components

Have exhaustive and reliable data

Ensure product compliance

Manage the evolution and monitoring of regulations

Ensure that the data is updated

Improve the brand image of companies

Refocus experts on higher value-added tasks

Externaliser La Gestion Des Données Environnementales

Outsource Environmental Data Management

Outsource Environmental Data Management: MSDS, REACh, RoHS

Bassetti Data Provider Allows You to Outsource Environmental Data Management, MSDS, REACh, RoHS, Supplier Data Collection Service