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Services and solutions for collecting and managing environmental data
and techniques to help you meet regulatory requirements

Environmental Compliance REACh, RoHS

Market compliance of your products


Collection and verification of compliance documents (REACh, RoHS) from your suppliers


Regulatory monitoring and analysis of the impact on your purchasing portfolio


Safety Data Sheets

Collecting and updating your SDS

Compliance verification and regulatory monitoring (REACh, CLP, VLEP)

Coding of SDS data in a SaaS solution for your worksheets, CLP labelling and chemical risk assessment


Conflict Minerals

Support for the implementation of conflict minerals management

Collection and verification of your suppliers’ CMRTs

Synthesis of your Conflict Minerals report to meet your customers’ requirements



Database and material selection module

Facilitate the selection of the appropriate material through research, analysis and comparison of its characteristics

Support product development and innovation


Benefits of our services and solutions

Exhaustive and reliable data to assess the compliance of your products and activities

Manage regulatory changes and allow you to focus on the impacts of your products

Minimize risks and improve your brand image through the understanding of your uses by our experts. Our solutions are adapted in SaaS mode on a simple subscription

Refocus your experts on higher value-added tasks

Technical data management software solutions

Technical data management software solutions – Environmental compliance

Our collection services and software solutions allow you to manage your technical and environmental data to help you meet your regulatory requirements